YuruYuri San☆Hai! (ゆるゆり さん☆ハイ!?) is the third season of YuruYuri anime adaptation by Namori.


List of episodes

No. Title Release date
1 "It is The Beginning of Amusement"

"Sore wa, Sunawachi, Goraku no Hajimaji" (それは、すなわち、娯楽の始まり) 

October 5, 2015
S3 EP1 Preview The Amusement Club play the King Game, where Kyōko gives out ludicrous commands while Chinatsu hopes to become King in order to give Yui a command. However, her chances quickly dwindle when the student council join in the game. Later, the second years have cooking class, where Kyōko challenges the others to arm wrestling, only to lose to everyone. Meanwhile, Akari comes across Hanako on her way to Sakurako's house, becoming shocked that she appears to be more mature than she is. 
2 "Tremble in Fear"

"Saa, Obierugaii" (さぁおびえるがいい) 

October 12, 2015
S3 EP2 Preview Yui asks the other girls to help get rid of a spider in her apartment before they all make some pancakes together, while Himawari and Sakurako misunderstand what the other is worrying about. Later, Ayano tries on some cute clothes, which she soon discovers used to belong to Kyoko, who spends some time with her at the park. Meanwhile, Akane finds herself in a pinch when she leaves an Akari body pillow-cover on the laundry line, rushing to hide it before Akari gets back home. 
3 "No Self-Awareness"

"Jikaku nashi" (自覚なし) 

October 19, 2015
S3 EP3 Preview The first years do paintings of each of other for art class, with Chinatsu doing a terrifying representation of Akari while Himawari and Sakurako end up doing drawings that make fun of the other. The next day, Sakurako tries impersonating Ayano to seem like a more refined woman, only to wind up stressing out the real thing. Later, Kyōko comes over to Chinatsu's house, where Tomoko ends up mistaking her for Yui. 
4 "The Night Will Connect Their Thoughts"

"Sono Yoru wa, Minna no Omoi o Tsunaideyuku." (その夜は、みんなの思いを繋いでゆく。) 

October 26, 2015
S3 EP4 Preview Kyōko, Ayano, and Chitose have a sleepover at Yui's place, while Chinatsu, Sakurako, and Himawari spend the night at Akari's, where Tomoko is also spending the night with Akane. Sakurako and the others try to surprise Akari, while Tomoko gets some special attention from Akane. The next day, Sakurako comes up with a way to pass the boredom during PE, exposing her poor kanji writing skills. 
5 "The Girl Falls Into Darkness"

"Shōjo wa, Yami ni Ochiru" (少女は、闇に落ちる) 

November 2, 2015
S3 EP5 Preview Kyōko, Yui, Ayano, and Chitose help teach Himawari how to do back hip circles in time for a test the next day. Later, Ayano becomes distressed when she accidentally takes off Kyōko's signature ribbon without her knowing, but Chitose helps her to return it. The next day, Ayano and Chitose go shopping together, where they help pick out clothes for each other, while Yui and Kyōko meet Hanako and Nadeshiko while studying at a family restaurant. 
6 "The Invisible Face is There"

"Mienai Kao wa, Soko ni Aru." (見えない顔は、其処にある。) 

November 9, 2015
S3 EP6 Preview Kyōko does all sorts of things to try to get Yui's attention before everyone tries their hand at apple peeling. Later, the girls find themselves in the middle of a blackout, where they have to deal with more of Kyōko's antics. 
7 "It Will Be an Unforgettable Day"

"Wasurerarenai Ichinichi ni Naru" (忘れられない一日になる) 

November 16, 2015
S3 EP7 Preview Ayano tries to work up the courage to invite Kyōko to the movies with her, only to wind up invited by her instead. Meanwhile, Chinatsu asks Akari to be her pretend girlfriend in preparation for a sleepover with Yui. The next day, Chinatsu tries her best to appeal to Yui during their sleepover together. 
8 "It is the Piece of a Smile Everyone Acquires"

"Sore wa, Daremo ga Te ni suru Egao no Kakera." (それは、誰もが手にする笑顔のカケラ。) 

November 23, 2015
S3 EP8 Preview Rise returns a dropped notebook to Akari, who gives her a cough drop in return, setting her on a Straw Millionaire-style series of exchanges as she helps out the other students. Later, Sakurako acts coldly towards Himawari after having a weird dream about her. Afterwards, Chizuru meets Kaede in the park, managing to show a side of herself she doesn't usually show her friends, while Kyōko goes to the arcade with Sakurako to help her win some pajamas for Hanako. 
9 "This is the Story of a Little Love and Courage"

"Sore wa, Chīsana Koi to, Sukoshi no Yūki no Monogatari." (それは, 小さな恋と, 少しの勇気の物語。) 

November 30, 2015
S3 EP9 Preview Following her encounter with Kaede, Chizuru decides to try and better herself in order to become friends with her classmates Dezaki and Koyama. Later, Yui and Kyōko follow Mari as she goes on her first errand, where she is joined by Kaede, who is being followed by Sakurako and Himawari. Afterwards, Ayano has a sleepover with Chitose, hearing about how Chizuru was like as a kid. 
10 "With You, Forever"

"Kimi to Nara Itsudemo" (君とならいつでも) 

December 7, 2015
S3 EP10 Preview.jpg Akari helps Yui to shovel snow in Mari's yard before everyone uses what's left to try and build a snow hut. While keeping Kyōko warm from the cold, Akari recalls how they once played hide-and-seek with Yui. Later, after Kyōko becomes sick with a cold from working to finish Mari's snow hut, Yui is scouted by the track-and-field club, which Kyōko isn't pleased to hear about. She is soon relieved to hear that Yui had always planned to turn them down. 
11 "Terrible No Matter How Much You Struggle"

"Dō Agaitemo Dotsubo" (どうあがいても土壺) 

December 14, 2015
S3 EP11 Preview.jpg Yui and Ayano awkwardly try to make conversation while waiting for Kyōko and Chitose, constantly misunderstanding each other's reactions to their puns. The next day, Chinatsu comes to school with a fever, which somehow improves her talents during class, while Ayano stumbles across Yui crying, believing her to be suffering through some trouble when she really just stubbed her toe while skipping. Later, the girls split into groups to prepare for a flower viewing party. 
12 "Cherry Blossoms in Full Bloom and a Romantic Storm"

"Mankai Sakura ni Roman no Arashi" (満開桜に浪漫の嵐) 

December 21, 2015
S3 EP12 Preview.jpg The girls enjoy their flower viewing party, putting on skits and playing games, before being treated to a wonderful view of the falling flowers. Later, the girls stay in the clubroom overnight to help Kyōko finish her doujin, where they collaborate on a drawing of a robot that struggles to stay robot-like. That night, Yui tells Akari about how she and Kyōko created the Amusement Club, waiting for Akari to join them. 


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