"Homework When You Least Expect It" is the nineth chapter of YuruYuri.


Kyōko had forgotten her homework and as punishment, she is assigned even more. Kyōko believes that she left it on her desk at home, with Yui blaming her oversleeping. Kyōko asks Yui for help with her homework, but is rejected. Kyōko then notices Yui has written cabbage on her hand. Yui explains that it’s to remind her after school she is going shopping. She then suggests that Kyōko tries it, in which Kyōko writes Akari’s name.

The girls talk about forgetting things, with Kyōko telling them that she went to the wrong ticket booth to see an anime film; a totally unrelated story. Chinatsu asks Yui if she would like to go to the movies sometime, Yui accepts the invitation making Chinatsu happy. Kyōko then fantasizes Chinatsu with her hair down, but then looks across at Akari and is puzzled by her odango hairstyle. Kyōko then has two delusions of Akari’s odangos attacking her and is revealed by Yui not to think too hard. Chinatsu eats her rice cookie and finds it delicious, with Kyōko telling her she wants to eat her. This scares Chinatsu, but consoled by Yui to ignore her. The bell chimes to mark the end of lunch and Kyōko still has not completed her homework; Yui suggest writing it on her hand.



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