"Many Many Memories" is the eighth chapter of YuruYuri.


After school, everyone is reading books while Kyōko is doing her homework. Yui breaks the silence and announces to the group that she is living on her own, which shocks them. Yui adds that her landlord is a relative and that even though her parents were against it, they allowed her without resisting.

During the visit, Kyōko and Akari are playing on the games console, when Chinatsu asks to look at Yui’s photo album. Inside Chinatsu finds pictures of Yui, Akari and Kyōko when they were little. Kyōko then spots a picture of her and Yui asleep together and has a Yuri delusion. This shocks the others and prompts Yui to pull Kyōko’s cheek for lying.

Chinatsu looks at the clock to see it is late. Akari and Chinatsu head off home. Yui returns to her apartment to find Kyōko in her futon eating ice cream, whilst reading a comic.



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