"Preparations For Long-Term Serialization" is the seventh chapter of YuruYuri.


As a tsundere, Ayano is determined to both get Kyōko into trouble and spend time with her at the same time. She notices that Kyōko is the only one who has not handed in her homework. While Chitose goes with Ayano to talk to Kyōko, they have Sakurako and Himawari organize some paperwork for them. It is clear that, like Ayano and Kyōko, Sakurako and Himawari are rivals who are constantly fighting. The pair realize that the paperwork is far too much for just two people to sort, so they ask Akari and Chinatsu for help. It is revealed that Yui and Kyōko have not yet arrived at the Amusement Club room, and they go to help the other four, meaning Ayano and Chinatsu have missed them. While Ayano is absent, her pudding is eaten by Kyōko. The job is finished, and the Amusement Club members leave. While Sakurako and Himawari are alone, Sakurako accidentally fell onto her, revealing the yuri tension between them. Ayano and Chitose arrive back at the Student Council room, and Ayano is infuriated to hear that not only has Kyōko, just handed in her homework, she just missed talking to her again. Ayano is even angrier to find her pudding missing.



  • In the chapter ending, Yui is reading a book that reads "Yuri Hime Z", referencing Comic Yuri Hime.


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