"Animation Decoration" is the sixth chapter of YuruYuri.


A week after the "battle" with the Student Council, Akari is happy that Chinatsu has agreed to join the Amusement Club and that they have already become close friends.

Kyōko displays stifling behaviour in Chinatsu's presence, rubbing her and whatnot. Chinatsu in turn is displaying rapidly growing feelings for Yui. After this whole ordeal, Kyōko, Chinatsu and Yui only notice Akari's presence, and Kyōko observes that her presence is rapidly decreasing; "Well, at first, you were like the protagonist of a school anime. But ever since Chinatsu joined the club, your presence has been gradually shrinking". This becomes a major theme throughout the series.

The group then conduct a meeting, led by Kyōko, about how they can increase Akari's presence. They each come up with suggestions, but they are, in essence, not very good. Yui suggests that they fill her name with sound effects ("Akarin~"). Kyōko, complementing her inner pervert, suggests "Breast missiles", and Chinatsu suggests invisibility.



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