"Decisive Battle! The Bakkin Buckingham Palace" is the fifth chapter of YuruYuri.


Chitose Ikeda and Ayano Sugiura are in the Student Council room. Ayano, as Kyōko Toshinō's rival, is upset that Kyōko beat her in the placement test. Ayano bursts into the Amusement Club room, followed by Chitose. Ayano is annoyed at Kyōko because although she hardy studies, she always gains top of the class.

To get her revenge on Kyōko, she threatens to ban them from using the Tea Ceremony club room as the Amusement Club room, as they have not been permitted. Chitose disagrees with Ayano, and suggests they settle the dispute with a contest (at this point, Chitose starts to fantasize about a Kyōko x Ayano yuri pairing, ending in a nosebleed). If Kyōko is the winner, Ayano and Chitose will have to join the Amusement Club. If Ayano is the winner, the Amusement Club will be disbanded. Chitose's imagination runs wild, and she sees benefits for herself for any outcome of the contest.



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