"Let's Fall in Love" is the 21th chapter of YuruYuri.


Akari is at Chinatsu house, Chinatsu hands Akari a questionnaire to fill out about Yui. Chinatsu tells Akari she likes Yui and asks her to answer all the questions. Chinatsu then asks if Yui is close to someone, Akari thinks and suggests it is Kyōko, which disappoints Chinatsu. Akari then asks her if they become close what would they do. Chinatsu suggests she would kiss her, shocking Akari. Chinatsu suggests that she practice kissing on Akari. Akari can’t do it and runs out of the room. Chinatsu chases after her, they run throughout the house. Eventually, Chinatsu catches Akari before she gets to the door and tries to kiss her. Just then the doorbell goes, Akari tries to use this as an excuse, but Chinatsu rejects them and kisses her. Suddenly the door opens; it is Yui and Kyōko who are shocked to find Chinatsu on top of Akari. There is a moment of silence until Chinatsu asks what Kyōko and Yui are doing here. They tell her that they came to give her a gift from Tokyo, but seeing she is busy they leave, Chinatsu then chases after stating that they have got the wrong idea, leaving a dazed Akari on the floor with a tear in her eye.


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