"Serious Blood Loss: The (Small Scale) Fireworks Party" is the nineteenth chapter of YuruYuri.


NOTE: This chapter is a direct continuation of Chapter 16.

Ayano and Kyōko contest who can draw with the sparkler. Chitose then writes with the sparkler about Ayano confessing. Yui thinks she saw some writing, but Chitose denies it and tells Yui to turn around, who does to find Chinatsu has written “LOVE”. Kyōko brings out a big firework and gets Ayano to light it; Chitose removes glasses, yuri delusion and a nosebleed again. Ayano lights the firework, but nothing happens. This angers Kyōko and being force-full, she drags Ayano along; Chitose removes glasses, yuri delusion and a nosebleed again. Everyone is finished and Kyōko goes to empty the spent fireworks in the bucket. Ayano thanks Chitose for inviting her, Chitose asks her if her wish came true; Ayano nods. Kyōko runs back, but then trips and lands on top of Ayano. Kyōko then notices that Ayano is not wearing any underwear which causes Chitose to have an explosive nosebleed and she collapses. Chitose then prays to God she would like to trade her life for this fantasy.


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