"The Summer Is Hot Because Of Your Brilliance" is the eighteenth chapter of YuruYuri.


The Amusement Club girls still complain it is hot. They suggest they go and visit Yui's apartment, with Kyōko asking if they would have rum raisin ice cream there, Yui tells her may be. Kyōko thanks her and offers her some tea. She takes the cup, but burns her hands. After having ice in their tea making it cooler and delicious, Kyōko takes her socks off to make her cooler and Yui lets her hair down which makes Chinatsu happy as she looks cute. Kyōko then remembers and removes some cold spray from her bag, which they spray on their handkerchiefs. Kyōko then asks them if they had a superpower, what would it be. Chinatsu wishes that she could fly; Akari wishes that she could talk to animals and Yui wishes she could warp; Kyōko's delusion, Yui warps without her clothes. Kyōko tells them that it is nothing compared to hers, a burglar alarm power, which she beeps when robbed; Yui tells her just to buy one from the store.

Still hot, Yui calls Chinatsu over and gets her to lay her head on her lap. Kyōko then suggest going to the council room. However, Chinatsu stops them as she is doing something great.


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