"The Shy Girl is an Attention Seeker" is the seventeenth chapter of YuruYuri.


The Amusement Club suggests a character development to guide Akari to the role of main character. Kyōko makes a suggestion box captioned "show off girl", and these are portrayed in a bizarre old-fashioned style film sequence: First Akari wakes up to her late alarm clock, with the caption "Always oversleeps". When Akari walks down the stairs, Yui suddenly falls through the ceiling (Caption: "A girl falls from the sky"). Ignoring this, she remembers it is forecast to rain and proceeds to pull an umbrella from a stand, but it is actually a sword (Caption: "Finds a legendary sword"). Realising she is late for class, she wishes that time would stop, and it does (Caption: "Stops time in a crisis"). At this point, Akari is fed up and the film abruptly stops and burns up.

The group try to cheer Akari up by saying her strong points, but when Kyōko tells her that having no strong points is her strong point.


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