"Awash in the Sea" is the sixteenth chapter of YuruYuri.


The Amusement Club and the student council go for a day at the beach. Ayano is dragged off by Kyōko to change, which makes Chitose remove glasses, yuri delusion and a nosebleed. The girls change, with Ayano changed already with her swimwear underneath her clothes and makes a comment “worry not, Angkor Wat”. Kyōko is also prepared, however Ayano wonders if she had been stupid and forgot to bring underwear with her; Chitose removes glasses, yuri delusion and an another nosebleed. The girls then head to the water, but Akari is tripped and falls flat on her face. After, Ayano and Kyōko give a jealous look at Yui’s chest, whilst elsewhere. Sakurako gets angry and throws two starfish at Himawari, which she and Akari both dodge and the starfish hit Chitose in the face.

Later, Yui, Chinatsu and Kyōko play with a beach ball, Chinatsu hits it to Kyōko who then sneezes as she hits it. The ball flies at high speed and hits a buried Chitose in the face and gives her a nosebleed. After, the girls settled down and eat some watermelon, Himawari comments that if Sakurako wasn’t here, it would be a perfect day, which prompts Sakurako to rapidly spit the pips out at Himawari. Yui invites Ayano and Chitose to hang out with her at apartment sometime with Akari and Chinatsu wanting a sleep over. Chitose asks Ayano if she wants to come and Ayano looks over at Kyōko, who hands Ayano the rest of her partially eaten watermelon.

Much later, the sunsets and everyone packs things away, Ayano then discovers that she had forgotten her underwear.


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