"Yryr Horror Show" is the fifteenth chapter of YuruYuri.


Yui complains that it is hot again as Kyōko enters the room and tell it is time. She is holding a flashlight shining on her head, trying to give a ghostly presence. However, Yui gets up and takes the flashlight and moves it to under her chin, telling her that is how to do it. Kyōko asks the group for scary stories, which is the summer standard. Kyōko suggests that they try and scare someone and try to come up with some ideas. They ideas involving leaving a biology mannequin out in the hallway, but fear that it may be taken away by a teacher. Yui asks Chinatsu if she likes haunted houses, she tells them that she doesn’t mind them much as when she was younger she got separated from her friends and when she tripped the ghost (person in costume) helped her to the exit. Kyōko then tells them that she once scared a ghost. They wonder if there are any real haunted houses, Kyōko tells them she believes in ghosts and UFOs, but she indecisive on Santa. Since they can’t come up with anything, Kyōko tells them that they are not going to do it.

Meanwhile, Yui, Kyōko and Chinatsu wonder where Akari went to. Just then, Akari, who is with Sakurako and Himawari, calls to them. She tells them that she couldn’t come to the club today as she was busy helping out the teacher with Sakurako and Himawari. The girls then start to realise who they were with, in the club room.


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