"Decisive Battle! Fai Fai Beach" is the fourteenth chapter of YuruYuri.


Ayano states it is time, Chitose thinks she is talking about lunch. Ayano tells her it is her showdown with Kyōko in the contest. Chitose tells her it is ok to lose and has another yuri delusion and a nosebleed. Ayano is determined to beat Kyōko and quotes that she would fight her on the beach, with Chitose wanting to go to the beach someday.

The next day at school, Kyōko is asleep in the club room. Yui explains that she was up late last night and is about explain why when Ayano bursts into the room. Ayano shouts at Kyōko, but she’s still asleep. Ayano vows to beat her in the final exam and then leaves. That night, Chitose states that Ayano has no intention of removing the girls from the Tea club room and wonders what her plan is if she wins. Ayano can’t think of anything but is determined to win. Over the next couple of days, Ayano studies while eating, sleeping, bathing, riding and including “spending a penny”. Results day comes and Ayano is top of the exams ranking. Ayano is overjoyed but wonders where Kyōko’s position is. She searches the “top ten” board but can’t find her. Just then Kyōko walks by and is confronted by Ayano, who looks at her test results. Kyōko’s scores are rock bottom and Ayano angrily asks her why. Kyōko explains that she her doujin deadline overlapped so she didn’t study; in fact she slept through them. Ayano asks her about the contest, which Kyōko asks her about her wish on the Tanabata, about being better friends. Ayano becomes shocked and then runs off dragging Chitose, leaving a puzzled Kyōko. Late, Kyōko tells the others that somehow they get to stay in the tea club room.


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