"A Solemn Wish Upon The Stars" is the thirteenth chapter of YuruYuri.


The Amusement Club girls are walking, commenting on being a hot day, when they pass a Tanabata table. Kyōko uses one of the wishing papers to pretend to be a vampire. The girls read the wishes of people that are tied to the tree, including a rather disturbing one. Yui spots ones written by Ayano and Chitose, and suggests that they themselves write one. Kyōko wishes to kiss Chinatsu and has a yuri delusion. However, Chinatsu’s wish is that she kisses Yui, which makes Kyōko angry and rips up her wish. Yui is still thinking, an angry Kyōko suggests that she kisses Chinatsu. Yui wonders why Kyōko is angry and looks over at Chinatsu. Motioning her over and she kisses her on the forehead, stating that kiss her on the lips is embarrassing. Kyōko gets angry and hits Yui on the head.

The girls then wonder what Akari has wished for. Akari wishes to stand out more, but as she tries to hang it on the tree, a gust of wind blows it away, she chases it but ends up falling over as the wish is carried away.


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