"The Summer 2009 Home Visit ~Second Season~" is the twelfth chapter of YuruYuri.


During a holiday, Yui is in her apartment reading alone quietly. She puts the book down and is startled by the doorbell. She activates the video intercom and shocked by an eye. It is Kyōko who asks Yui to feed her. Yui hangs up the intercom, prompting Kyōko to rapidly press the doorbell until Yui relents and drags her in. Yui suggests that if Akari and Chinatsu haven’t eaten yet, she would invite them. Yui goes to the supermarket to buy food.

Upon returning, Yui rings the doorbell. Kyōko answers the video intercom and calls, “Mountain” to a puzzled Yui. Kyōko explains it is a password and Yui’s answer should be “River”. Kyōko tries it again and a reluctant Yui answers with “River”. Kyōko is in a mood, but Yui cheers her up by placing a Rum Raisin Ice Cream on her head. Everyone except Kyōko is preparing lunch, when Yui realises that they are out of miso. Kyōko volunteers to get some, not before pranking the doorbell and “eyeing” the video intercom whilst leaving. Later, Kyōko returns and Yui gives the code word “Mountain” but Kyōko answers with “Valley”. Realising not getting in, she rapidly presses the bell shouting “River”. After, they settle down for lunch; with Kyōko having a bump on the head. Chinatsu is in awe over Yui’s miso soup, which makes Kyōko asks her to come, but before she can finish, Chinatsu says no, making a dishearten Kyōko.

Chinatsu asks her how long they have been friends, with Yui explaining that their parents were friends so it happened naturally. Chinatsu wants to become closer to Yui as friends. Kyōko then tries to kiss her, but is stopped by Yui.



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