"Eternity may exist... but do Miracles!?" is the first chapter of YuruYuri.


It is Akari's first day of middle school. Akari proceeds to the Amusement Club and it is revealed that the club is just the abandoned Tea Ceremony club room that her friends, Kyōko and Yui, have secretly claimed.

"This was the Tea Ceremony Club room, but no one's been using it since they disbanded. So we're secretly using it to do as we like."
Yui Funami

The purpose of the Amusement Club is primarily to do whatever you feel like doing. Akari thinks that this will be boring, and wants some stimulation. She then talks about the Majokko Mirakurun manga. Kyōko turns out to be a fan of manga, and starts showing off.


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  • Akari refers to herself in third person, which is a common child-like behavior in Japan known as Illeism.[1]


  1. "Ahh... If only Akari was born a year earlier, we would be in the same class."
    Akari Akaza


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