"Bonus Track 3: She Was... Right Behind Me", formerly known as "Chapter 8.5" with the same title before the new manga edition, is the second part of the eighth chapter of YuruYuri.


After Akari and Chinatsu leaves, Yui returns to her apartment to find Kyōko in her futon eating ice cream, whilst reading a comic. Later, Yui is playing the games console, with Kyōko watching. After they go to bed, within moments Kyōko starts sniffing the futon, which makes her hungry and announces that she wants some ramen. Yui gives her a cup of noodles. As Kyōko tucks into it, she asks if Yui is having one. Yui tells her it is the last one, which Kyōko then gives her half.

Later, Kyōko apologises for staying and asks if she still come over to visit, Yui agrees and they go to sleep. Yui wakes to see that they are going to be late for school and wakes up Kyōko. Kyōko tells her that she hasn’t brought her uniform with her, adding more shock to Yui.



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