"A Day Something May or May Not Happen (何かありそうで何もなさそうな日 Nani ka Arisō de Nani mo Nasasō na Hi?) is the nineth episode of YuruYuri♪♪. It was broadcast in Japan on August 27, 2012.


Akari, Chinatsu, Himawari and Sakurako hold a study session. Everyone except Sakurako studies, who ends up messing about. They ring Kyōko asking for a cramming technique, but she tells a lie. Yui gives Kyōko some bread to take to them, but on the way she eats them.

Chinatsu brings in a pound cake, but decides to hide it from Kyōko in the closet. However, she ends up hiding along with the cake when the others arrive. She comes up with several ways of escaping the closet, but doesn’t do it. Yui also brings in a pound cake and the others eat it. Trapped in the closet, Chinatsu decides to eat her cake herself.

Chinatsu sleeps over at Akari’s. Akari tries to keep awake by watching a horror film with Chinatsu. After, they play cards but Akari falls asleep. Chinatsu can’t sleep due to the film and tries to think of something else, but the appearance of Akane scares her even more. Later, Akari wakes up and is scared by Chinatsu’s appearance that she can’t get back to sleep.

Akari meets Chitose working and offers her some ice cream. Chinatsu and Ayano are clothes shopping, selecting clothes for their love interests. Himawari meets Kyōko in a bookstore, who plays some practical jokes on Himawari. After she shows Himawari which study guides are ideal.

Sakurako meets Yui and asks her for advice on cooking. However, as Yui tries to explain, Sakurako ends up choosing the lazy way in instant meals. Meanwhile, Akari loses her ice cream after being knocked. Slightly upset, Chitose offers half of hers which Akari accepts.



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