"Chinatsu Unrivaled (ちなつ無双 Chinatsu Musō?) is the eighth episode of YuruYuri♪♪. It was broadcast in Japan on August 20, 2012.


Kyōko is trying to complete her doujin work before the deadline tomorrow. The others offer to help, but with Chinatsu’s artistry being horrific, they prevent her from helping. However, leaving Chinatsu alone, they return to find that Chinatsu had wreaked her work.

The Amusement Club invite the Student Council to a karaoke party. Kyōko ends up fooling around including trying to sing whilst eating fried rice. Himawari and Sakurako also end up singing a duet together. Also Ayano and Chitose sing together as well.

Chinatsu wants to sing a duet with Yui but fails in her attempts as Yui goes with Akari to help her with the drinks, therefore ends up singing with Kyōko. Finally, Kyōko orders Russian Takoyaki, a Russian roulette style food with the odd one fill with mustard. However, Kyōko takes the first bite which is the spicy one, leaving everyone else safe to eat the rest. Kyōko ends up with the forfeit.

Yui invites Chinatsu out to see a movie to repay her for the gifts on Valentine’s Day and not singing a duet with her. Chinatsu selects a horror movie hoping to be comfort by Yui during the film. However, she holds her so tight that Yui gets a bruised arm.

Later, Chinatsu starts questioning her fondness for Yui. However when walking, Yui notices the time and she grabs Chinatsu hands and runs. This sparks off Chinatsu who starts spouting her love to Yui.



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