Reset! (りせっと! Risetto!?) is a spin-off manga of YuruYuri that has been on hiatus since January 2011. It introduced new characters, all of which other than the main character Hiro Takaoka, are exclusive to the spin-off.


  • Hiro Takaoka - The protagonist of the manga. A girl with brown hair and not many friends.
  • Aoi Isurugi - The secondary protagonist, a girl with black hair who is looking for ways to make money.


The plot of Reset! starts out by following new character Hiro Takaoka, a first year student and classmate of Akari and Chinatsu as she finds a picture Kyōko Toshinō drew. A girl named Aoi Isurugi, who earlier announced she wants to make a videogame, sees Hiro holding the picture and assumes that she is the artist. Aoi is very impressed and somewhat guilts Hiro into helping her. Knowing full well she can't create art this well, she goes to meet Kyōko to return the picture and ask for advice on how to create art. Kyōko gives her three "Just one" tips, which aren't very helpful. Feeling guilty at not being able to help, Hiro looks for a way out of helping Aoi, when this fails she reluctantly decides to simply tell the truth.

As it turns out, Aoi had not put much thought or effort into the videogame and has very little ideas on how to make it, and is actually more interested in the money she would make for creating one. Angry at how guilty she felt, Hiro states that a videogame needs more than just an artist: it also needs a programmer, sound creator, etc. This impresses Aoi, and she decides to keep Hiro along to make the videogame anyways. The two become friends, and the rest of the manga follows their adventures together as they meet new characters.

List of chapters

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3


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