MiniYuri (みにゆり?) is a YuruYuri Original Net Animation (ONA) written by Namori. It is a side story for YuruYuri、 released before the 10th Anniversary OVA.


In June 29th 2019, a new Original Net Animation has been announced for YuruYuri at the official YuruYuri twitter. The new ONA was released in September 25th 2019 on YouTube.

List of episodes

No. Title Original airdate
01 "Beginner's Introduction to YuruYuri"

"Hajimete no YuruYuri nyūmon" (はじめてのゆるゆり入門) 

September 25, 2019
Kyōko gives an inaccurate description of YuruYuri for new viewers.
02 "YuriTuber"

"YuriChūbā" (ゆりTuber) 

October 2, 2019
The Amusement Club set up their own YuriTube channel and upload videos of them doing various activities.
03 "YuruYurympic"

"YuruYurinpikku" (ゆるゆりんぴっく) 

October 9, 2019
In honor of the upcoming Olympic Games, Kyōko hosts her own sports tournament titled the YuruYurympics.
04 "YuruYuri Murder Mystery"

"YuruYuri satsujin jiken" (ゆるゆり殺人事件) 

October 16, 2019
Kyōko and Chinatsu find Akari unconscious in the clubroom and try to figure out the mystery of what happened to her.


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