Miho Yaeno (八重野美穂 Yaeno Miho?) is a character in YuruYuri series and a supporting character in the spinoff Ōmuro-ke.


Miho has medium-length black hair, wearing a white headband with a red rose corsage.


Miho is Nadeshiko's classmate and friend. She is also friends with Ai Miwa and Megumi Sonokawa.

Miho tends to act happy and sweet, but is also prone to teasing Nadeshiko and generally being silly. She is a sadist and claims that Nadeshiko is a "messy type" when it comes to her teasing of Megumi. She seems to value Nadeshiko's opinion, buying a headband that Nadeshiko suggested, much to the latter's surprise.

When Ai stated that she has trouble figuring out what to order at a restaurant unless she decides right away, Miho expressed that she feels the same way. She is also shown to be fairly observant and seems to play a game with Megumi called Tsom Tsom.

It is possible Miho is Nadeshiko's secret girlfriend, as the latter is dating one of her three classmates.




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