Hanako Ōmuro (大室花子 Ōmuro Hanako?), also spelled Hanako Ohmuro, is a character in the YuruYuri series who appears as a supporting character in YuruYuri and one of the protagonists of Ōmuro-ke.


Hanako is the youngest sister of Ōmuro sisters who is an 8-year-old elementary school student.


Hanako is a young girl with knee-length light brown hair and brown eyes.


Much like Nadeshiko, Hanako is showcased as having a serious personality, though she can be sensitive when her feelings are hurt. She acts very mature for her age, but also has some childish tendencies. Both Hanako and Nadeshiko tend to think Sakurako is lazy, abrasive and stupid, though they are shown to miss her when she's not around.

She is self-sufficient, being able to handle most things on her own, and is also showed to be quite a prodigy in most subjects she studies at school.

She also appears as having quick thinking over situations, as displayed when she ended up being the one helping Akari out after a series of small incidents.[1]


Sakurako Ōmuro
Hanako and sakurako ch44
Sakurako is Hanako's second big sister, though she is much more responsible than her. She scolds Sakurako for her lazy behavior and complains when Sakurako drinks her milk or eats her yogurts. Despite this, the two have rather caring relationship. When Hanako gets a cold, Sakurako made her porridge and she even won her little sister a pair of cow kigurumi pajamas, since she had been envious of Sakurako's pair. This is also seen again when Sakurako felt left out that her two sisters had pancakes without her. Hanako gets up early the next morning to make her pancakes. Though, Sakurako had a stomachache for eating her own overdone pancakes, couldn't finish them. Unfortunately, Hanako read that as she didn't like them until Sakurako apologized and made her a whole stack of burnt pancakes.
Nadeshiko Ōmuro
Hanako and Nadeshiko, being the responsible ones, often study and do their homework together. They get along quite well.
Kaede Furutani
Hanako and kaede

Playing Cards with Kaede

Kaede and Hanako are neighbors and appear to be good friends. Hanako gives Kaede her hand me down clothes and lets Kaede win at card games like Old Maid. Kaede at one point said that when she's at the Ōmuro Residence, it feels like she has 4 older sisters instead of one and Hanako says she wouldn't mind if Kaede was her little sister.
Akari Akaza
Hanako met Akari in the park and acts much mature and responsible helping the older one after Akari's clumsy mistakes. Akari feels bad, having someone younger than her take care of her and Hanako strokes Akari's head to comfort her and gives her a piece of candy, unintentionally further showing her ability to act like an older person much to Akari's embarrassment.
Mirai Sōma and Kokoro Ogawa
Mirai and Kokoro are Hanako's friends and classmates. The three often play together outside of school. Mirai is the first one to call Hanako, "Hanako-sama" based on her mature attitude.
Misaki Takasaki
Misaki claims she is Hanako's rival and attempts to go out of her way to prove she's better than her. However, she is usually outmatched by Hanako who does not see her that way. She still plays with Hanako and visits her house, taking every chance to show out though it never works in her favor.
Chinatsu Yoshikawa
When Chinatsu comes to visit to see Sakurako, Hanako becomes infatuated with Chinatsu's puffy hair and wishes to touch it. Though, she becomes embarrassed at the last moment and doesn't ask, feeling envy of Sakurako, who played with Chinatsu's hair freely.



  • The name Hanako means "flower, blossom" (花) (hana) and "child" (子) (ko).
  • Hanako's surname Ōmuro means "big, great" (大) (o) and "room" (室) (muro).
  • She loves milk and it is her favorite drink.
    • Sakurako gets her cow pajamas because of this.



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