The Visit
Season 1, Episode 03
S1EP03 Intro
Air date July 19, 2011
Romaji Uchi Kuru!? … Iku Iku!
Kanji ウチくる!? …いくいくっ!
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Episode 02 - Me and You and the Student Council
Episode 04 - The Great Summer Harvest


Akari's opening lines are rudely interrupted by a UFO.

Akari introduces herself again while various people block the camera's view of her. Mid sentence she is cut off while Kyouko is filmed, running to class. She barely makes it, but forgets her homework, and as a punishment is assigned extra tasks. Kyouko notices that Yui has "cabbage" written on her hand, to make sure she doesn't forget it when shopping. Kyouko then writes "Akari-chan" on her hand.