The Student Council Meeting
Season 1, Episode 02
S1EP02 Intro
Air date July 12, 2011
Kanji 私とあなたと生徒会
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The episode begins with Akari's opening gag, where the camera is out of focus. In the introduction, Chitose Ikeda and Ayano Sugiura are in the student council room. Ayano, as Kyouko's rival, is upset that Kyouko beat her in the placement test. Ayano bursts into the Amusement Club room, followed by Chitose. Ayano is annoyed at Kyouko because although she hardy studies, she always gains top of the class. To get her revenge on Kyouko, she threatens to ban them from using the Tea Ceremony club room as the Amusement Club room, as they have not been permitted. Chitose disagrees with Ayano, and suggests they settle the dispute with a contest (at this point, Chitose starts to fantasize about a Kyouko x Ayano yuri pairing, ending in a nosebleed). If Kyouko is the winner, Ayano and Chitose will have to join the Amusement Club. If Ayano is the winner, the Amusement Club will be disbanded. Chitose's imagination runs wild, and she sees benefits for herself for any outcome of the contest.

As a tsundere, Ayano is determined to both get Kyouko into trouble and spend time with her at the same time. She notices that Kyouko is the only one who has not handed in her homework. While Chitose goes with Ayano to talk to Kyouko, they have Sakurako Ohmuro and Himawari Furutani organize some paperwork for them. It is clear that, like Ayano and Kyouko, Sakurako and Himawari are rivals who are constantly fighting. The pair realize that the paperwork is far too much for just two people to sort, so they ask Akari and Chinatsu for help. It is revealed that Yui and Kyouko have not yet arrived at the clubroom, and they go to help the other four, meaning Ayano and Chinatsu have missed them. While Ayano is absent, her pudding is eaten by Kyouko. The job is finished, and the Amusement Club members leave. While Sakurako and Himawari are alone, Sakurako "accidentally" fell onto her, revealing the yuri tension between them. Ayano and Chitose arrive back at the Student Council room, and Ayano is infuriated to hear that not only has Kyouko just handed in her homework, she just missed talking to her again. Ayano is even angrier to find her pudding missing.