Aoi Isurugi (石動葵 Isurugi Aoi?) is the secondary protagonist of the YuruYuri spinoff Reset! who also makes a cameo appearance in YuruYuri.

She is the classmate of Akari and Chinatsu who is trying to find a way to make money and the best friend of Hiro.

She and Hiro make a cameo in YuruYuri♪♪ selling their Doujins. It would seem that Aoi has finally succeeded in making some money.


Aoi is a self-assured first year student who wants to make a doujin video game, and guilts Hiro into helping her. As it turns out, Aoi had not put much thought or effort into the video game and has very little ideas on how to make it, and is actually more interested in the money she would make for creating one.

Aoi is not worried about failure only concerned about making her dreams reality. Her confidence influences Hiro to be a better version of herself, Aoi also providing Hiro with hair clips to keep her long bangs back. She is a fan of Kudryavka's analogies and the latter writes the scenario for Aoi and Hiro's doujin game.

Due to the discontinuation of Reset! and appearance of Hiro and Aoi selling their doujins, it can be assumed that they were able to work together as a team and that Aoi found a way to make money.



  • The name Aoi means "hollyhock, althea" (葵).
    • It can also mean "blue, green" (碧) in an adjectival form.
  • Aoi's surname Isurugi means "stone" (石) (isu) and "movement" (動) (rugi).



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