Ōmuro-ke Chapter 9 is the ninth chapter of Ōmuro-ke.


Mirai and Kokoro call Hanako over to ask her what she got on their latest test and praise the latter's high grade. Misaki comes over and claims Hanako isn't worthy of being called "Hanako-sama" and that the -Sama title should belong to her. Mirai then states Hanako is good at sports and gets good grades and Misaki says that doesn't matter since she is going to be better than her. Mirai and Kokoro then go back and fourth with Misaki for a while, expressing how Hanako is better as Misaki counters.

Misaki declares she is taller but the girls notice she is standing on her tippy toes and Hanako pushes on her head, making her stand at her real height.


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  • This is Misaki's debut chapter.


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