Ōmuro-ke Chapter 7 is the seventh chapter of Ōmuro-ke.


Nadeshiko comes home and finds Hanako already home with a fever. Hanako says she's hungry and Nadeshiko asks if Sakurako came home already and is told after Sakurako scold Hanako for getting sick, she left to see Himawari. Hanako, sighing believing it to be expected for Sakurako to pick fun of her and not care when she's weak.

Himawari then comes over asking if Sakurako came over and Nadeshiko says they thought she was at her house. Just then, Sakurako comes home, surprised that Himawari is there. Himawari hands her the recipe, that the latter came over to get in the first place.

Sakurako bursts into Hanako's bedroom and declares she is making her egg soup and to feel better. Nadeshiko notes to herself that Sakurako does care in her own way. Sakurako makes a pot full of soup and serves it to Hanako and decides to have a bowl herself. Nadeshiko says Hanakos's name and Hanako knows what she must do. Hanako thanks Sakurako for the soup and Sakurako makes a goofy smirk at her. Nadeshiko notes again how it would be better if they didn't have to deal with Sakurako's gloating.

The chapter ends with Sakurako "sharing the wealth" with the Furutani sisters who are shocked by how much soup she made.


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