Ōmuro-ke Chapter 5 is the fifth chapter of Ōmuro-ke.


Nadeshiko is taking a bath and runs out of soap, prompting her to call Sakurako to grab the new soap their mother bought for her located in the kitchen. Sakurako looks for it in the kitchen but gets distracted when she spots a yogurt drink.

She then goes into Hanako's bedroom, who is sleeping, and wakes her up to ask if she can have the drink. Hanako sleepliy says no and tells her sister to let her sleep. Sakurako, annoyed that she went through the "trouble" to ask only to get denied and Hanako going back to sleep, leaves her room. She says completely useless under her breath and Nadeshiko appears holding the soap, declaring Sakurako is one to talk.

The chapter ends with Nadeshiko and Sakurako making noise in the house, waking up the sleeping Hanako.


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