Ōmuro-ke Chapter 4 is the fourth chapter of Ōmuro-ke.


Hanako is called out to by her two school friends, Mirai and Kokoro. Mirai gives Hanako back the change she lend her the day prior and Kokoro insists they play. There is then a flashback to the previous day, where Mirai panics when she lost her 10 yen and Kokoro cries for her. Hanako willingly lends her friend the yen with promise she will give it back to her.

"Hanako-sama is amazing!"
―Hanako's classmates

Mirai praises Hanako for saving her, starting a chain reaction of other students joining in on times Hanako helped them and calling her "Hanako-sama" because of her adult-like qualities. Hanako says it is probably because she has older sisters and her friends start thinking about how cool Hanako's sisters must be but she shuts them saying the younger one is a failure invertly causing Sakurako to sneeze all the way at school from being talked about poorly.

The teacher hands back tests and Hanako got 100%, the highest grade of the class, causing her peers to praise her, calling her "Hanako-sama" and to her shock even the teacher joins in.


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  • This chapter marks the debut of Hanako's friends.


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