Ōmuro-ke Chapter 10 is the tenth chapter of Ōmuro-ke.


The Ōmuro sisters are hanging out together when Nadeshiko's phone starts ringing and Sakurako notices she changed her ringtone, from the previous weird one she had. Sakurako also notices how Nadeshiko is always on her phone, which Nadeshiko denies. To test her sister's dependency on her phone, Sakurako slips her phone into her pocket when Nadeshiko is not looking.

Nadeshiko sees her phone is gone and knows immediately that Sakurako took it who tries (badly) to play it off. The older sister uses the laneline phone to call her phone which goes off in Sakurako's pocket. Nadeshiko knocks Sakurako in the head and Sakurako complains that if she does bad at school it will be her sister's fault. Hanako comments that its her own fault and Nadeshiko excuses herself to make a phone call. Sakurako yells out that this was what she was talking about and how she doesn't know where her own phone is most of the time which Nadeshiko asks then whats the point of having one.

Just then Himawari comes over and questions Sakurako why she hasn't answered her texts who told her she forgot. Sakurako then says Himawari did not consider that she could have lost her phone and Himawari dryly says whats the point of having one if she was not gonna use it, the same thing Nadeshiko said earlier and the latter claps, saying well said.


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  • The sound of Nadeshiko's previous ringtone can be heard in YuruYuri♪♪.


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